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Spirulina clr3

TIENS Spirulina capsules

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Contents: 100 capsules × 0.25 g

Non-polluted algae from the lake areas (which is purer and more natural than artificial ones).

Spirulina capsules are high nutrient products. Every 100g contains 65g of protein, 18% carbohydrate, 5% fat and 7% minerals. It contains gama lilolenic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid.
The scientists and medicine authorities in American, Japanese, and German have finished the long-term experiments and have researched many clinical tests, and then they proved that Spirulina owns the efficacies for preventing and curing many diseases, while no side-effect will be caused as well.


Main Benefits

  1. Spirulina Algae was first discovered around Lake Chad, in Central Africa. This plant grows in the lake and is high in nutritional value.
  2. It is an all rounder, wholesome and balanced in all essential nutrients. It is enriched with more than 18 kinds of Amino acids and vitamins, carotenes, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and trace elements.
  3. Spirulina is very useful in the body as many chronic diseases have their roots in nutritional deficiencies. It fills the nutritional gaps in the body to prevent or fight malnutrition in the body.
  4. It is extremely high in protein, as the body absorbs its protein better than those of, for example, Soybeans. Its carotene content is much higher than that of carrot. The nutrient content of 1g of spirulina is equal to that of 1000g of vegetables and fruits.


  • 6 capsules 3 times daily.

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Product Description


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  • It nourishes the body as a whole and promotes good health;
  • It is useful in prostate hormone secretion and it prevents prostate problems;
  • It is valuable in fighting the effects of HIV/AIDS because of its large amount of glycolipids and cerebroside sulphate contents (use with Cordyceps);
  • It promotes growth and development of the reproductive system;
  • It balances the body system back to normal after an infection or a period of abstaining from food;
  • It helps regulate blood pressure, high or low blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels.
  • Mix 2 caps spirulina, 2 caps Chitosan and 1/4 sachet Calcium I with 1 spoon water into paste and use as beauty mask on your face. Wait for 20 minutes before washing with a soft towel. Do this 2 times a week for smooth soft skin

Who Spirulina Capsules is suitable for?

  • Spirulina is suitable for everyone!
  • Vegetarians.
  • Individuals looking for a good all around daily supplement to increase their general well being.
  • For those who are tired and run down and looking for an energy supplement and for people who working in an oxygen deficient environment.


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