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TIENS Nutrient Super Calcium Powder

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Popularly called CALCIUM I

Calcium packet

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Contents: 10 g x10 sachets

Description :
TIENS Nutrient Calcium Powder offers a balanced combination of calcium and vitamins A and D which can contribute to supporting healthy bone metabolism. Calcium contributes to the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth, it also contributes to normal blood clotting and normal muscle function. It can even contribute to normal


  • Once/twice daily, 1 sachet each time;
  • Take with warm water (60-70 °C) or other foodstuff.
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Product Description

  calfriut 1 clr
Product Features 
  1.  4000mg of calcium per 100g sachet , calcium amino acid chelate to form cell membranes directly into the small intestine , is rapidly absorbed by the body .
  2. Calcium to phosphorus ratio of 2:1 , scientific and reasonable.
  3.  It is rich in protein , amino acids , vitamins and trace elements.
  4. natural ingredients , no preservatives , flavors mellow and soft , is full of nutrients calcium preparations.
  5. PH = 7 pH neutral. For peptic ulcer , gastritis , atrophic gastritis patients with stomach can take.
  6. functional regulation of food, from the cellular level conditioning , every cell in the body needs nutrition, in addition to providing the products essential daily calcium outside the cell can complement a variety of nutrients needed .
Health Function 
Increase bone density , it is recommended that you use Tianshi Nutrient Super Calcium Powder , high calcium 4000 mg / 100 g or more , enhanced multivitamins : va, vb1, vb6, vb12, vc, vd, ve and niacin , folic acid, amino acids . Also strengthened the trace elements : zinc, iron, iodine , selenium, manganese , nutritional balance. Integrated Nutrition is a natural source . Osteoporosis , osteoarthritis, lumbago , frozen shoulder , loose teeth, high blood pressure , asthma , menopause syndrome have significant effects.

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