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TIENS Membership Card


Product code : Registration ID

To buy products at Sale price or wholesale price you have to become a member of TIENS Elite Group. We will need your ID Number on the card to be able to use it to process your purchases to TIENS database for any bonus payment due you.

We will send you a TIENS Registration Form when you sign in. More information below.

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Product Description

Start earning with TIENS

Sign up to Become an Independent Distributor for TIENS today. EARN CASH WHILE YOU SHOP.

TIENS pays out up to 55% of product revenues to Independent Distributors + 20% on retail profit. This is regarded as one of the best in the direct selling sector. Independent Distributors can earn retail and wholesale profits on EVERY product sold – plus additional income through referrals and bonuses. The potential is up to you!

What’s in it for me? / EARNINGS REWARDS & MORE.

  1. The TIENS Elite Group provides a Support System for all members who sign up for the TIENS membership and starts buying products. This system will guarantee an increase in your income with TIENS.
  2. As a card holder you are eligible to take part in TIENS Promotions like the free travel promo, the extra cash promo, the products promo, the Car Promo etc.
  3. Earn 4 – 15% on purchases that your referrals and their referrals and their referrals…. Buy from TIENS shop
  4. Earn 20 – 43% cash bonus when you introduce or sponsor someone to sign up for a TIENS card AND starts buying.
  5. Earn 20 – 43% cash bonus when YOU buy products with your TIENS ID card.
  6. With your Membership Card you can buy products at wholesale price – 15 – 20% discount.
  7. For registration, please Login your details and we will send you a TIENS registration form.



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