Who is a TIENS Independent Distributor?

An Independent Distributor is a registered member of TIENS who BUYS from TIENS shop every month as well as INTRODUCING friends, relatives and colleagues to also BUY from TIENS Shop.

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Every day, in over 190 countries around the world, more than 30 million households are enjoying and benefitting from natural, healthy products produced by the Chinese company, TIENS. Our range of well being products is inspired by, and derived from a Chinese health-preserving culture dating back 5000 years.

Below are just a few reasons why:

  • People want to improve their health.
  • People want to slow the aging process.
  • People want to control how they live, work and earn.
  • Health & personal care industry represents over $500 billion worldwide.
  • All TIENS products have mall points that can earn you Cash.

All Distributors  earn cash while you shop. TIENS has a new compensation plan that allows all distributors to earn money when you buy from any of the 4 INVESTMENT PRODUCTS PACKAGES. Each Package has its benefits.

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The Dream Builders is made up of a Team of Distributors and Customers of TIENS ELITE GROUP who have the passion to build their Dreams and become successful with TIENS.  The group has a support system for members who want to improve their health status as well as increase their finances. This system is called the DREAM BUILDERS 120 DAY Game Plan that will earn you some good income. To access this system you must first purchase any of the Investment Packages


 Our business is all about people connecting with people….  Sign up today and let’s build your dreams with TIENS!

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TIENS Membership Registration $20:

  1. Membership Card – $20
  2. Choose products or PRODUCT PACKS worth the Value of your INVESTMENT PACKAGE as shown above –  BRONZE $110, SILVER $220, GOLD $440 or PLATINUM $880.
  3. Start Earning today