Needjob clrTIENS ELITE GROUP is offering a job opportunity for anyone above 18 as a Marketer or Distributor. Any graduates looking for a  job can take up this opportunity. (This Job opportunity is only for people who are NOT already members of TIENS). No experience needed, we provide training. We have very attractive salaries and wonderful benefits like travel, a car for hard working marketers etc.


We have a number of young people out of school, who have taken up this job and are now able to assist their parents financially, others have been able to pay to further their education, others are starting up a new business, others found a job in other establishments but are still working as Distributors on part time basis….. The list goes on. Send an email to us today and change your life today.

  1. email with Application letter to ;

Watch TIENS VIDEO to see the company you will be partnering with.


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