100 Ghana TIENS ELITE Travel to China

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In September, 2015, 30,000 TIENS ELITE members from all around the world took part in a Travel Promotion to attend a free travel to TIENS 20TH Anniversary celebration in Tianjin and Beijing. It was a fantastic experience! Lots of countries in Africa and around the world took part. 100 Ghanaians, 170 Elite members from Benin, 24 Ethiopians, 60 South Africans, 80 Kenyans etc.



We had a 3 day conference at the TIENS Industrial park ( TIENS Group Headquaters ) with hotel accomodation on the site for all 30,000 distributors! Breakfast, lunch and dinner was free! After the conference we left Tianjin for Beijing for a 4 days tour of the Great Wall, Tianamin Square etc. We stayed at a 5 Star Hotel again with all meals and transport paid for by TIENS.

Last year TIENS 21st Anniversary was held in Bali, Indonesia.

This year the 22nd Anniversary is set for INDIA. The Free travel promotion is ongoing between January – 24th July 2017. It is open to ALL NEW and EXISTING TIENS Elite group members. Sign up today to take part.

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